Jordana Deveau

Jordana DeveauJordana Deveau has been an active force in the Toronto dance community for over a decade.  A principal performer with CCDT since 1994, her passion and skill launched her into the roles of Rehearsal Director and then Associate Artistic Director, where she trained future generations of dance artists for 7 years. Now pursuing an independent career, Jordana is the Co-Artistic Director, with Jesse Dell, of JD Dance and a founding member and Rehearsal Director of Event Horizon Dance directed by Miranda Abbott.  Jordana is the co-author with Donna Krasnow, MS, of ”C-I Training: Conditioning with Imagery” documenting Krasnow’s conditioning system for dancers.  She has trained in Toronto, Vancouver, New York and Vienna, and audiences have enjoyed her performances in the U.S, Europe and across Canada.  She has performed in works by notable choreographers including Carol Anderson, Peggy Baker, Sidra Bell, David Earle, Kate Franklin, Margie Gillis, Andrea Nann, Roger Sinha, Holly Small, Santee Smith, and Gerry Trentham.  When not on stage, she works in the community as an educator, rehearsal director and workshop facilitator.










Photo by Kevin Konnyu