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JDdance & Tracey Norman in association with DanceWorks present           episodes | andscapes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Toronto, ON (January 28, 2013)

“These worthy young artists show that the new generation of Toronto dance is in good hands.” - Paula Citron

Visually stimulating and intellectually engaging, episodes | andscapes invites the audience to witness, reconsider, and surrender to the dynamic terrain of our human condition.

JDdance and Tracey Norman have teamed up with DanceWorks, long-standing presenters of cutting-edge dance, as a part of their 2012-13 CoWorks season, to produce the world premiere of three intricately crafted works.

Described as “refreshing and original” (Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail) Norman shares two new duets interpreted by Jesse Dell, Jordan Deveau and Sky Fairchild-Waller, which act as choreographic counterpoints. The works compel the viewer to investigate the role of the observer, the failings of the body and the intersection between entanglement and separation. Dell’s Pushed, a solo for Deveau, takes the viewer on an unconventional voyage, unearthing the deliberate acts, visceral states and necessitated coping mechanisms of a woman on the edge, supported by sound composed by Jordan O’Connor. “A confliction between carnal instincts and humane sensitivities weaves all three works into a connected world.” (Brittany Duggan)

Dell, Deveau and Norman are exciting emerging voices. They share a working history, pushing and stimulating each other, which ultimately manifests in episodes | andscapes. Working with revered artist Julia Sasso as Artistic Advisor, the works are purposefully housed in the textured and intimate environment of the Dancemakers Centre. Here the space is a character in each dance and the viewer is invited into the world of the works, enriched by the lighting design of Gabriel Cropley, where patterns and traces emerge and are left suspended in time.

“Delicately choreographed and intricately performed” (Rachel Martin, MERGE ‘zine) episodes | andscapes envelops the viewer, sparking a lasting sense of curiosity and compassion.

episodes | andscapes  -  A DanceWorks CoWorks Series Event                      Choreographers: Jesse Dell and Tracey Norman                                                      Performers: Jesse Dell, Jordana Deveau and Sky Fairchild-Waller                                  Artistic Advisor: Julia Sasso                                                                                               Lighting Designer: Gabriel Cropley                                                                                      Stage Manager: Marianna Rosato

April 4-6, 2013 @ 8pm; April 6, 2013 @ 4pm                                                          Dancemakers Centre for Creation                                                                                        Tickets $20 / $17 CADA, student, senior; Tickets on sale February 1                                     Box Office:  or  416-204-1082 or 

Media Contact: Jordana Deveau                                                                                           E:


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