Pushed premiere as part of episodes | andscapes – 2013                         Choreography by Jesse Dell                                                                                  Performed by Jordana Deveau                                                                         Photography by Craig Chambers


Witness premiere as part of  episodes | andscapes - 2013                        Choreography by Tracey Norman                                                                       Performed by Jesse Dell and Jordana Deveau                                          Photography by Craig Chambers


43°N 79°W  premiere as part of  episodes | andscapes – 2013                  Choreography by Tracey Norman                                                                       Performed by Jesse Dell and Sky Fairchild-Waller                                       Photography by Craig Chambers


Pushed – 2013 – Choreography by Jesse Dell                                                     Performed by Jordana Deveau

Photos by Craig Chambers

Witness – 2013 – Choreography by Tracey Norman                                                Dance Ontario Dance weekend









Photos by Craig Chambers









AGO Frida and Diego Exhibit – Opening Galla 2012

THE DEN –  2012 – Choreography Shannon Litzenberger 

Photo by Peyman Soheili

WITNESS – 2012 – Choreography Tracey Norman

AVA – 2012

Johanna Bergfelt, Jordana Deveau, Andrya Duff, Emily Law, Madeleine Shen, Lacey Smith

Jordana Deveau and Emily Law


 Human Gallery May 2011 • <a style="font-size:0.8em;" href="" target="_blank">View on Flickr</a>
Photos by Jennifer Rowsom


Photo by Carlyle Creative                                   Photo by Kirsty Reid
Costume art work and Graphic Design by Noelle Campbell-Smith
AVA – Nuit Blanche Cabbagetown 2009


Photos by Kevin Konnyu