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MITREA WELLNESS CENTRE Mitrea Balance Model and the Path of Least Resistance










Thank you to our donors and supporters, without you productions like this would not be possible.

Donors & Supporters                                                                                                         Chris Amberly, Lorelle Angelo, Julia Beck, Nick Beck, Christine Birch, Sylvie Bouchard, Mara Brown, Bulmash – Siegel Fund, Scott Burnett, Susie Burpee, Michael Caldwell, Noelle Campbell-Smith Craig Chambers, Roopa Cheema, Eric Chudnoff, David D’agostino, Julie Danielson, Kathy Dell, Trixie Deveau, Brittany Duggan, Ben Duval, Kirk Elliott, Miklós Érszegi, Carolyn Finlayson, Linda Ginou, Mark Gorie, Jonathan Hanvelt, Kay Hickey, Mimi Joh, Patrick Kutney, Cathy Lace, Jolyane Langlois, Samantha Lazzaro, Constance Lewis, Joan Lewis, Barbara Lindenberg, Shannon Litzenberger, Sarah Lochhead, Deborah & Michael Lundmark, Kristine Maitland, Jay Mansoor, Nicole Nigro, Catherine Nimmo, Yvonne Ng, Dan Norman, Petra & Murray Norman, Cheryl Paige, Taisa Petruk, Candice Pike, Bonnie Robson, Julia Sasso, Heather Saum, Holly Small, Cara Spooner, Arun Srinivasan, Jennifer Stein, Carsten Stroud, Emily Tench, Alex TigChelaar, Andrew Willis

Aroma Restaurant, The Allen’s, Lorelle Angelo, The Lindsay Barr Band, Stephanie Beaune, Susie Burpee, Broadway Arts Centre, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (CCDT), Craig Chambers, Barb & Rob Chambers, Roberta Cramer, Tanya Crowder, Brittany Duggan, Andrea Ferrett, Meaghan Giusti, Andy Haslett, Sasha Ivanochko, Patrick Kutney, Cheryl Lalonde, Sharon Lee, Emma Letki, Shannon Litzenberger, John Newton, Daniel Norman, Petra & Murray Norman, Andrea Nann, Chad Price, The Reservoir Lounge, Series 8:08, Cara Spooner, Toronto Dance Theatre, Andrew Willis

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