Limón Technique  - These classes are designed to introduce students to the technique of José Limón and the 7 principles of movement that the technique is based on. Students will be exposed to a variety of exercises including floor and centre work, traveling, and longer combinations or repertory from Limón’s masterpieces.  The classes can be tailored to meet the needs of beginners as well as those with more advanced dance training.

Choreographic Process - This workshop is designed to introduce and encourage methods toward the creative act, including movement invention, improvisation and compositional tools. With a focus on the development of original movement, we will work in solo, duet and small groups to create short movement studies. Movers of all levels can fully participate in this workshop and will develop new skills and a deeper level of engagement with the creative process.

Voice & Movement - This workshop is designed to integrate the voice and the body. Within this class students will learn basic vocal warm-up techniques, engage in voice and movement improvisation games and explore movement as a way of accessing the voice.

Workshop Prices*:                                                                                                             Single Workshop – $65                                                                                                         3 Workshop Set – $175                                                                                                       6 or more Workshops – $50/class

* Single workshop prices are based on 70-minute class.  Package prices based on a minimum of 3 workshops in one location occurring on the same day.

For more info. contact outreach co-ordinator Jordana Deveau at jddance.ca@gmail.com


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