“I was lucky enough to see your show last night at the distillery. Completely blown away by the originality and style of your choreography and wonderful performance. Bravo!!!”


“I saw Ink to Flesh at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts and it was stunningly beautiful, gracefully athletic, rhythmically sensual and thought-provoking. As a woman in these mad times I appreciate the attention you give to the social construction of beauty and the chains it places on our bodies. I like how your choreography explores the way things are and asks us to challenge and cast aside these untruths in favour of revealing true beauty in free and powerful movement. Thank-you to all 3 of you! Please keepcreating!”


“Beth and I attended Friday night’s performance of Ink to Flesh. Packed and enthusiastic house!!! We loved the show. Each of the three pieces really offered interesting and unique takes on the “ink/flesh” theme. We thought that the on stage communication/relationship between you and Jordana was excellent. Certainly, you were most successful in engaging and connecting with the audience/us. We also thought that the choreography meshed extremely well with the music and precipitated lots of speculation/interpretation/reaction on our part. You did a great job on the costumes. Loved the “Faux-nude” pieces; beautifully crafted. The Army Barbi outfits were a riot…move over Dolly Parton!! The final inert/plastic tableau was perfect!! We also enjoyed the final piece “Mark”. A little darker with some notions of power/ struggle/ some rough and tumble that certainly left some marks/scars. We thought that you had projected some real energy and forcefulness in the dancing and choreography here that was somewhat disturbing; but had impact and certainly required audience attention and engagement. Wow!!!! we had a great time and are so proud of you and your artistic accomplishments/statements!!” -Beth and John Howard